Response to Human Rights Watch World Report

Thanks for the reply Gary, glad that we are on much more civil terms. You are right that people are quite sophisticated but you seem to not extend that to the people who instigated this war. You say that the invasion was never motivated by humanitarian reasons - your quite convinced of that? it never came into their reckoning? You seem to focus on 'the manipulation of data, false pretenses, outright lies and criminal acts'. The depth of these details seem to be the most important things you and therefore Im sure we could argue back and forth about exactly how underhanded the motivations for the Iraq war really were for weeks or maybe longer. If thats your sport - enjoy. But I think you said it yourself - people are pretty sophisticated and I think we should discount the notion that completely criminally motivated people started this war for what were totally selfish and greedy reasons and its just turning out as a happy accident for the majority of Iraqis - dont you? If that is the last bastion of the anti-war stance when a self - determined government of Iraq and the US are cordial partners so be it. I think Im resolved on the side of the majority of Iraqis who dont regret that this "happy accident" happened.

Created By: Rolf Wright