Response to Human Rights Watch World Report

Dear Rolf,

Interesting choice of words, "demonise".  And here I thought I was actually trying to be, by looking at facts, reports, actions, words from and about these "demonised" inidviduals in question.

The really sad thing about the "right" (now if that isn't an oxymoron, I don't know what is) in America (and elsewhere) is that they can so conveniently dismiss any and all criticism by claiming it is Bush-bashing, anti-Americanism, and that people simply love to hate, etc., etc.,

Well here are some links, if you are interested:

Here are some links that "suggests" and documents US complicity or inaction in regards to many of these actions:,2763,866942,00.html

These are just a few articles and reports. There are literally hundreds available.

The "last resort" you talk about has been shown to not be such.  You've also claimed in other postings that it is possible that realizing its mistakes the US is trying to rectify said mistakes and help the Iraqi people now.

Is there any of that sentiment behind the motivations of the US adminstration.  It's probable it comes into play.  Again, I don't think Bush and his staff are "monsters". But the point is that such "facets" of the pro-war/preemptive war agenda are minor considerations that defer to the central position that US self interest will come first in any and all global endeavours.

It is this underlying agenda that subverts the actual statements regarding democracy, freedom, peace, etc.

"dread the past, resent the present but now have reason to crave the future..."

I would be interested to know a little more about what you mean here in this bit of cryptic phrasing. (How can you dread the past?  Doesn't dread imply looking forward with aprehension and trepidation? Do you mean regret?)

Also could you define "rant" as I am a bit challanged to understand how you use that word in this context. (Is it just a matter of length, passion, etc., etc.)

Finally, (sorry if I am ranting) I don't in any way feel that my opinion is the best informed, or that I know what's what.  It is the main reason for my coming to this site and others. I live actually with a great concern that I could be wrong. I am open to learning and considering opposing points of view. Yet you rarely have posted anything that backs your own position. Why not rise to the challange and actually present somethings that might really alter or amend the views of those whose minds are still open instead of just this sort of switch and bait tactic.

Created By: Gary Nihsen