Response to Human Rights Watch World Report

Gary, if you hadn’t noticed my reasons for being pro this war are based on humanitarian reasons – I’m not particularly right-wing.

I’m glad that we are edging towards some reasonable common ground on the motivations for war.

As for my use of the word dread I think it is appropriate by way of a sense of haunting, if your whole life has been plighted by something – say a relative being shredded feet first – even to think of that or be reminded is quite dreadful.

If you still think of it as inappropriate I guess you wont make an allowance for poetic license?

As for your last request I thought posting the idea of Iraqi acceptance (or not condemnation) of the US invasion might provoke second thoughts on the very strongly held opinions on the war.

Orla and Declan I do plan to respond to you too.

Created By: Rolf Wright