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More news about curious George and a mention for Albert Reynolds too!!

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Iraq oil cash funded MPs' campaigns
Money illicitly siphoned from the UN oil-for-food programme by Saddam Hussein was used to finance anti-sanctions campaigns run by British politicians, according to documents that have surfaced in Baghdad.

Undercover cash from oil deals went to three businessmen who in turn supported pressure groups involving the ex-Labour MP George Galloway, Labour MP Tam Dalyell, and the former Irish premier Albert Reynolds, it is alleged in documents compiled by the oil ministry, which is now under the control of the US occupation regime.

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Special investigation

10 cents a barrel: how Iraqi oil fuelled UK campaigns

Secret commissions paid to pro-Saddam middlemen by western oil firms found their way into George Galloway's anti-sanctions drives

David Leigh, David Pallister, Brian Whitaker, Owen Bowcott, Rory McCarthy in Baghdad, Nick Paton Walsh in Moscow, Jon Henley in Paris
Tuesday February 17, 2004
The Guardian

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