Response to if they find WMD

yes sanctions made part of the number - those people died under Saddams regieme,

"...sanctions, not nesscarily Saddams brutality", you think the sanctions and there effect had nothing to do with Saddams brutality?

they were as a direct result of his regiemes behaviour and his non compliance with the terms of the ceasefire of the first Gulf War

Dear Rolf,

Here let me help you take the next "logical" step: 

Not only is Saddam responsible for the deaths resulting from the UN sanctions, the civilian and military deaths resulting from the US/UK invasion are on his head, too. He made us do it, so all those killed are his fault. In fact anything that happens to the country from now until ??? can continuously be retroactivley allocated to Saddam's rule.

Come on...

Created By: Gary Nihsen