Response to Journalism?

You are being polite, Rolf. Pilger's view is ultra-extreme. His comments in that interview were astounding. He is interested in the deaths of members of NGO's, UN diplomats, Iraqi civilians in mosques and/or attending religious ceremonies, people in various Embassy buildings and of course coalition troops. According to him, the world is depending upon this resistance to stop the United States from attacking North Korea (???) and others. Pilger is just being vindictive. He makes no effort to be straight up.

Your views are your own to develop over time, Bryan. The University experience is all about cultivating that process, which includes listening to opposing opinions without calling your fellow students "a joke." In my view, Pilger is not a journalist to be admired. Personally, I feel the best journalists are those with no axe to grind.

Created By: John Keeney