Response to Journalism?

Hi Declan-

It's John, please don't butcher the name. I see that Rolf endures that slight from various contributors, but I think a given name should be respected.

All people are of equal value, absolutely. Both sides are definitely corrupt (one is entirely corrupt, the other has corrupt features), although the Baath Party really gave new meaning to the term. However, the resistance is surely more "sick" than the coalition soldiers attempting to preserve peace and restore order in the country. The thousands of Iraqis who were killed during the invasion is something that the U.S. administration is unwilling to provide an answer for. It is not even really acknowledged, which, for lack of a better term, is complete crap on their end. Not keeping track of Iraqi civilian deaths sent the wrong (indirect, because it was actually non-existent) message to the American people. It also sent a horrendous message to the Iraqis that the U.S. Gov't does not care about their plight. Be that as it may, I still give the "sick" award to the terrorists operating in Iraq at the moment. They have zero concern for anyone but themselves and their nauseating cause. The invasion removed a very sadistic regime, one that was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Muslims.

Created By: John Keeney