Response to Euskadi ta Askatasuna

Whoever carried out this appalling attack there is no excuse for it. But what is even more disgusting is that the politicians are already jumping on the ETA bandwagon and trying to use the deaths of nearly 200 innocent people for their own political gain. I have no time or sympathy for ETA, however I do have time and sympathy for the Basque separatist movement, and to see Asnar and co using this tragedy so cynically in order to push their own elections agenda is simply sickening.  His government is neither acting in the best interests of the Spanish nor the Basque peoples, but only boosting its own selfish position.  If the attack does prove to have been perpetrated by ETA then surely that only proves that his much trumpeted "hardline" stance towards Basque seperatism is fuelling hatred and extremism rather than solving it? There are clearly serious questions over who perpetrated this awful crime - it could have been ETA although has none of their characteristics, and has much more in common with al-Qaida's style - but surely this is a time for mourning rather than political point scoring?

Created By: Rachel Hicks