Response to Journalism?


  Yes - journalists with "no axe to grind" suit invaders and occupiers very well - so long as they do what they're told -

To encourage restraint in war coverage, governments don't need to shoot journalists – though sometimes that's helpful.

Thirteen journalists were killed while covering the war and occupation in Iraq last year, says a new report by the Committee to Protect Journalists. The deaths were a subset of 36 on-the-job fatalities related to journalistic work across the globe in 2003.

CPJ's annual worldwide survey "Attacks on the Press," released on March 11, indicates that some of those deaths in Iraq were not just random events in a hazardous war zone.

Journalists who were "embedded" with the American military tended to be safer. But as a practical matter, the tradeoffs shortchanged news readers, listeners and viewers. "The close quarters shared by journalists and troops inevitably blunted reporters' critical edge," CPJ reports. "There were also limits on what types of stories reporters could cover, since the ground rules barred journalists from leaving their unit."

  Better to have an axe to grind than to do a hatchet job for a brutal invader in my opinion.



Created By: Zeb Rahaman