Response to camp delta torture camp

believe what you want Paddy, these men were detained for over two years and then released without charge - there was not one shred of evidence that they were involved in terrorism because they did not even go before a military court. you cannot deny that detainees are denied access to lawyers and the US are not obiding by the geneva conventions, there are even children held prisoner there, so why should we believe they were not tortured and beaten by us captors while there. no media interviews with prisoners are allowed because the us captors do not want detainees telling the world how they are being treated, and the whole reason why they are kept in Cuba and not on US soil is so prisoners can be denied basic human rights given to other prisoners on us soil, and subject them to physical and psychological torture methods to extract confessions from prisoners.

have a look at the picture below and tell me it is not an example of sensory deprivation torture, where mens smell, sight, sound senses are blocked while they are swealtering under the sun. and you still say there is no torture in guantanamo after being given photographic evidence? cop on for fuck sake and take your head out of the sand.

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