Response to Look who is changing regimes now

The Persian Gulf media is laughing off claims it was Al Qaeda who bombed Madrid.

Al Qaeda is against Israel's present structure and it wants the U.S. out of the Persian Gulf.Spain is small beer and with 91% of the Spanish population apposed to the Iraq war-there is little motivation for them.

Also the Muslim media are bemused with how much attention Al Qaeda receives in the Western world.The membership of the group in reality according to them is less than 100! Smaller in numbers than ETA and even our own IRA.Al Qaeda do not have training camps in Afghanistan.

The Media in the Middle East attributes the Madrid blast to a group who is looking to break the developing ties between the EU and the Muslim world and to reinforce the stance against "Terror".

Is it wonderful news that Anzar is out on his ear.Let that be a message to Bush, Blair and Ahern etc.Let's hope the Polish people will follow suit and get rid of another American-wannabe.

Created By: David Brennan