Response to Euskadi ta Askatasuna

I for one won't be surprised when it's revealed that the outgoing Spanish government had "intelligence" or prior knowledege of the attacks on Madrid. Reference to an attack on Spain before the General Elections was spotted by Norwegian "intelligence" agencies last year on a Jihadi webbie! Of course it was politically expedient to blame ETA, it was shameful oppurtunism on behalf of Aznars party. An email was immediately sent to all Spanish Embassies world-wide telling all staff to blame ETA! Aznars unilateral decision to ally himself to America's contemporary crusade, defying 90% of the Spanish people's wishes, brought this carnage to Madrid. My only hope is now that the new leadership are not bought off by the British and Americans, and they fulfill their election promise by removing their troops from the illegal occupation of Iraq.

Created By: Brian Gerard Vernon