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From today's Irish Times (report by Lorna Siggins)

'The patron saint wasn't forgotten about in all the excitement, appearing in many guises among some 50 groups in the preceding parade, which took a new route through Shop Street. "Watch out, the serpent Bush is coming" read the placard carried by members of the Galway Alliance Against War, bearing a serpent with the US president's head and St Patrick in hot pursuit.'

Someone's definitely taking notice, Orla :-) :


By Bill Gallagher

DETROIT -- We need St. Patrick to drive from our land and high offices the vipers of war, greed and intolerance. Topping the list of serpents more than ready for a slithering exit from the public scene are George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.


The terrible carnage in Spain last week, the bombings at the Shiite shrines the week before and six more U.S. soldiers killed over the weekend leave us with the certain conclusion that al-Qaida and other radical groups are the real enemy, not the bogus danger of Iraq that George W. Bush sold in the great St. Patrick's Day deception.

Bill Gallagher, a Peabody Award winner, is a former Niagara Falls city councilman who now covers Detroit for Fox2 News. His e-mail address is


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