Response to The Bush Administration's Public Statements on Iraq

Hi I'm new to this forum and joined because I was looking for some sane people to exchange ideas with. I am British, living in the USA until my US born husband can retire, at which point we are headed for France ... or somewhere that is neither the US or Britain. Anyway, I wanted to respond to this message because I have been completely baffled by public reaction to the rubbish that comes out of the White House. Where we live, the locals are almost exclusively supportive of Bush and do some quite remarkable mental gymnastics to keep up with his changes of tactic, who is today's friend and today's enemy, why exactly they got into war etc. That said, there are a lot of very good people - peace activists from all walks of life and all age groups in the city just 40 miles away and what we are seeing happening over here is an unprecedented level of polarisation, with the opposite camp becoming extremely nasty. FWIW, my hubbie served 23 years in the US air force, almost all of it in Europe until he retired from service in '87, but on the day war broke out, his work colleagues stopped talking to him. It seems he had suddenly become "un-American". Go figure! Anyway, when people have that mindset, they are easily brainwashed, and the media over here don't help at all. If you must feel anything about Americans, pity them! What I see on TV reminds me of a visit I made to Poland back when it was a Communist state and with that sort of media coverage, people don't stand a chance.

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