Response to The Bush Administration's Public Statements on Iraq

Hi Gary I did A-level modern history, which focused strongly on the rise of fascism, and then as a young adult, became very involved in UK politics while maintaining an insatiable passion for history. With that in mind, I began to wonder if we were seeing the emergence of fascism in the USA even before 9/11, so it is interesting that you would mention Nazi Germany. In fact, in this context it made me smile because there are times when I have wondered if I was losing my mind, surrounded as we are by parrots who have a remarkable capacity for the degree of mental gymnastics it takes to keep up with the official "party line" these days. I've received many abusive phone calls (hence a pseudonym) for expressing views identical to those of the pope, in a Catholic forum, so it isn't just the religious "right" but apparantly some of my fellow Catholics who have been so thoroughly brainwashed. My husband served almost a quarter of a century in the USAF and he is now labelled by some of his colleagues as being ant-American! It is all so bizarre that for the first few months of Bush's "reign", I hardly dared tell my friends and family in the UK what was going on lest they thought I had lost my marbles and was imagining/dramatising it. Anyway, nice to meet you! BritCat

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