Response to Depleted Uranium

>> How can any human join an army in the UK or US? These people should be shunned in society.A negative stigma needs to be attached to the Army.

This is the point I was trying to make in another post (albeit in stronger terms) which was summarily deleted by Admin. If someone from Dublin (let's say) decides to join the British Army and gets KIA - immediatley he's a "hero" in the media. His mother gets invited on prime time chat shows to pull the nation's heart strings - "all he ever wanted to be was a soldier". She is invited too - and goes to a British Torture Center in Northern Ireland to pick up his posthumous medal on Irelands National Day. I find this reprehensible! If the money spent globally in one day on the Arms Industry and Militarism was spent on Education and Poverty we would not have an under-class so willing to become MERCENARIES to do The Roman Empires bidding!

Created By: Brian Gerard Vernon