Response to Resistors?

  More cheering news for Keeney and the other armchair cluster bombers who infect this site -

US occupation forces have launched fresh attacks in Falluja, a hotbed of anti-occupation attacks, after sealing off the town from the rest of the country.


The only operating hospital in Falluja, about 65km west of Baghdad, was hit by US tank and missile fire overnight, reported Aljazeera's correspondent Ahmad Mansur on Tuesday.

A car carrying a corpse was still smouldering outside of the private hospital. Its owner was driving to the hospital in the early hours of Tuesday when he came under US fire, reported Mansur.

Occupation soldiers slapped a strict curfew on Falluja, bringing the town to a standstill...


"Falluja's main and minor entry points are totally closed," he said. "US forces are not allowing anyone in or out. We talked to US forces. They said they have orders to seal the city off for two or three days.

"We also visited the Golan district where clashes took place earlier today between fighters from Falluja and US forces," Ali said. "We saw signs of fierce confrontation. US forces have bombed the district. We saw several destroyed houses.

"Golan inhabitants say US forces used cluster bombs and missiles against them," he said. "Citizens of the city are completely enraged - but not afraid - waiting for the coming events," the correspondent said.


   Keeney and friends should remember the slogan on the memorial to the dead of the 900 day siege of Leningrad by the Nazi armies -

  "No-one is forgotten and Nothing is forgotten"



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