Response to Poor attempt at humor

I think there could have been peace if Isreal had reacted differently to the suicide bombings. We were on the verge of a peace settlement and a minority were allowed destroy the peace process because there were also enough people in Isreal who didn't want the peace agreement. Israel then reacted to these bombing like Bush reacted to 9/11. They blamed the whole Palistian people. I don't know whether you're one of the people who felt your people had to be protected at all costs which might be consider somewhat better than, one of those who didn't want the peace agreement to work. After any agreement there will be a few shots fired in anger by the rebel side. Isreal seems to have used these few shots to bring down the agreement. I want Isreal to exist, I believe they have won that right more than most. But if they wanted peace is was there to be won in the Oslo agreement. I don't think the suicide bombers destroyed it, something else did. And the subsequent actions by Isreal show a lack of depth of understanding of human nature if peace is their goal. They have unfortunately moved to the side of the aggressor, some now would say was always lurking under the surface. I only condemn their actions of recent years, before that I only knew of the Jews suffering and thought they could do no wrong. For right or wrong Isreal has aligned itself with the most powerful military in the world who are now invading weaker countries. What are we to say except "stop it". Work for peace with your neighbours if you want to be a true nation.

Created By: Michael Harris