Response to Resistors?

Dear eyal,

Forgot to address your question, sorry...

The situation is escalating.  Unrest is increasing though we have been contantly told that it was decreasing.  Where are the foreign elements and the terroists that have constantly been fingered as the killers.  It looks as if more and more of the populace is becoming involved.  Counter measures might me sucessful, but I think it doubtful.  The coalition is crumbling and now the US may end up fighting both Sunni and Shi'a.  It also doesn't seem to be old friends of Saddam (where'd he go, anyway?!).

What should Bush do?  I think he should resign.  The chances of Iraq emerging peacefully as a democracy become very slim.  If the US goes in and starts crushing the insurgents (which is what is taking place as we type away) they will only erode what little support they had from the Iraqis.  Why? Because innocent Iraqis will be killed and the people will become more and more outraged.

What should they do.  How about apologize publicly.  Put their hats in their hands and go to the UN and ask for Help.  Go to the Arab league and ask for help.  Tell the Iraqi people that the troops are leaving and start a withdrawl.

The US is so afraid of "failed states" but they have themselves created one in Iraq.

Dear John,

I was shocked to learn about the history of my home town. (A lot of details are left out of the riot in this article; like how little girls went around with buckets full of rocks for the men and boys to throw at the courthouse.)

John, you really shouldn't let others bait you into issuing such gung-ho macho remarks regarding the great fortitude of American service men.  This is the chest-thumping self-agrandizing that most non-Amercans find so distasteful and vulgar. It does remind me of what I've read and heard about the UK attitude during the height of its "empire".  In the end you must know that if such insurgency continues the US will have to pull out. We cannot win a guerilla war with no opposition to back. When all the factions come out against us, we will cut and run. 

What a terrible, terrible mess Bush has brought us to.

Created By: Gary Nihsen