Response to Resistors?


Again, I respect your opinion and the manner in which you deliver it. However, I have generally had enough here - in particular I have been turned off by this thread. I like this site (and as YOU know I have been respectful), but not what it has deteriorated into. I will not allow these people to piss all over Americans - without some response before I get banned. I am not going to get into it with these people in terms of how much I respect the lives of Iraqis (and others in the Middle East). All they need to do is click on my name and see my previous posts.

In the possible case that I do not converse with you again, Gary, I do wish to state that it has been a pleasure - maybe even an honor - to engage in discussion with someone with your knowledge and wisdom. I do not have your exact patience, and maybe I do have a lot to learn, but nevertheless I am who I am. I truly wish you the best Gary - and your family. Happy Easter (assuming you are Christian!). Take care.


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