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Meanwhile, as the US demonises a new sinister face on George W Bush's "wanted" list, Moqtada al Sadr, head of the al Mahdi militia, as the new Iraqi public enemy No 1, as another Iraqi Monster,  where is Saddam?

Saddam moved to US base in Qatar 

By Robert Fisk

04/07/04: "The Star"
-- The United States has secretly flown Saddam Hussein out of Iraq and imprisoned him under high security in a Gulf Arab state.

After his capture in December, he was initially taken by helicopter to a US aircraft carrier in Gulf waters for extensive interrogation. 

After lengthy questioning, he was transferred to an American air base in the Gulf Arab state of Qatar, although the emirate's royal family was not even told of his presence.

Amid the bloody and growing insurgency in Iraq, US officials refused to discuss Saddam's place of imprisonment. 
Many Iraqis still believe he is in Iraq, possibly at the big American base at Balad, 90km north of Baghdad on the road to Tikrit, Saddam's hometown. 

But the increasingly sophisticated guerrilla attacks against the US raised fears that insurgents would try to stage a spectacular prison escape for the former Iraqi dictator, so Qatar was chosen as the safest place to hold him in the Middle East.

Under international law and the Geneva Conventions, it is legal for an occupying power to move a prisoner of war outside the frontiers of the country of which he is a citizen.

This is why the Americans almost immediately made Saddam an official PoW, an act which initially surprised many. - Independent Foreign Service

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