Response to It's all gone pear shaped!

Dear eyal,

I've heard the talk of "real-politick" before.  How you have to "break some eggs to make an omelet" (as it's been said before, I see a lot of broken eggs but where is this great omelet they keep talking about.)

I've heard my government talk about the tree of liberty needing blood, of how innocents unfortunately will die; I've been to web-sites where they talk about the "sacrifice" of a few to save the future lives of many. This war, being the lesser of two evils, etc.

Here is test for you.  Go home and look at your grandmother, or your mother, or your child or wife, or lover or sister and then you decide to kill or let them be killed; yeah, they are going to be this great sacrifice for which you and other pro-war/pro-violent members are calling. It is really easy to talk about others "sacrificing" about acceptable "collateral" losses, casulties. It is easy to make the decision to start actions and/or support actions that lead to killing and the loss of life.  But before you make it too easy, put the face of someone you love there and see how that changes things.

Europe will not follow the US lead and start an escalating fight with Isalmic countries.  They continue to treat such terrorist events as police actions.  Which has worked for Europe for many, many years.

I really have some trouble with the tenor of your posts lately.  What has happened?  You seem to be proposing Armageddon as an unavoidable event. The ruthless nature you speak of is failing.  You are in a ship with a lot of holes in it.  You can keep plugging the holes, but you might want to eventually take a hard look at the very soundness of the hull. (Excuse the extended metaphor.) 

So if you are not pro-life, and not pro-war does that mean you think a pro-war, pro-death attitude is the "realistic" way to view and act in the world.  Is it simple power politics, whoever is strongest calls the shots and survives? That's a particularly "hitlerisch" way to look at the world. (I know you will blast me for the allusion, but, there it is...) 

Created By: Gary Nihsen