Response to Bush and Blair and the Secret Pact for War

LMAO, thats great BZ, you're indictment stands for the Irish education system I'm afraid as that is where I got mine in NUI,Galway to be exact. Just moved to Ithaca 2 months ago in fact. I had thought about using language more akin to the stuff you use but decided against it, hence the term plonker, which I can assure u I didn't pick up here. As for the term being used mainly by white trash lower classes, what a load of shit you elitist gobshite (do u need me to translate this for you Gary ;) ), as well you know. Reading some of the comments you have posted here makes what I have said pale in comparison.

As for your other comments BZ. I expected nothing less from a Finglas born and bred Socialist Worker, or a close kin of theirs. Same old shit, different century. Strange how some of the greatest tyrants of this century emerged from such backgrounds isn't it. As soon as one supports the USA or Israel they are right wing fascist, peace hating warmongers. If on the other hand you support religious extremists, suicide bombers and other human trash you are a purveyor of freedom and a proud member of the deluded section of our society, a bit like Bill.

We're all against War Bill, but not at any cost, which is a concept more dangerous than any that America represents. You choose to disbelieve everything Blair and Bush tell us, I don't. Please explain why you choose to ignore the fact that the vast majority of weapons used by the Iraqi military are actually not from the West at all. Maybe its just that you can't see what is right in front of your eyes, as I said deluded. I'm sure there will be a great article soon on the offloading of WMD in Iraq, like this site posted recently, you can all swallow that one, it's far more believable anyway!

As for you Bz, you're the worst. You believe anything bad said about the US and Israel and fail to condemn the atrocities carried out by others. You quote Chomsky and Pilger, and haven't the requisite skills to broaden your reading material to other authors, such as Huntington. You are like a broken record player stuck on the same old tune. The hatred that permeates this site regarding anything American or Israeli is shocking for people that claim to epitomize peace. Ghandhi would turn in his grave at the vehemence in some of your posts. You are apologists, and little else, stuck in a retarded political system that thankfully is well beyond its sell by date. Good look for you and your dumb revolution cause its never gonna happen, so live with it.

Gary, as for your comments, typically they are directed against anyone that posts unwanted material on this site. Take a look through the rest of this board and tell me how many times you see people using language that could be only described as unsavoury. Don't see you commenting on that. You don't understand the word 'Plonker', well this is an Irish website so you could be forgiven. What I would like to have said would have been a bit more 'colourful' so i refrained. I think Bz knows exactly what I wanted to say.

So, the next time you want to make comments on people use of language, you should at least reflect on the fact that at least we have our own language, not like your country.

Created By: Patrick Mc gann