Response to Gott Mit Uns!!!

there was no need for a war in Rwanda, there was a need for a UN intervention force to protect people. there is a slight barely noticable difference between protecting people, and dropping bombs on them, you ignorant redneck "John". we're all anti-war here, but some of us are only anti-war when america isn't waging it....then it's pull out the little stars and stripes flags and yellow ribbons and shut up and support our side no matter what they do. Another slight insignifant difference between Iraq and Rwanda is that there was genocide and mass murder happening right then in Rwanda, whereas the mass graves in Iraq were mainly from the Iran-Iraq war and the Shia uprising of 1991. There's now another mass grave in iraq for the US media to write about and feign outrage over, and that's in Fallujah, where hundreds of civilians have died in revenge for 4 pathetic barbeque flame grilled mercs.

and still no WMD's :)

Created By: Guy Incognito