Response to It's all gone pear shaped!

Gary -

yes, it is very inconsistent of you to carry a gun. why do you carry a gun? for protection? from whom? so you believe there are people out there that would not hink a second befor eharming you and your family, who are they? druggies? murderers? jehova witnesses :-)

basically you are saying that in certain circumstances you would use lethal force and that you believe enough in your self to know when to use it. right?

same thing for Iraq. the leaders of the free world came to the conclusion that saddam is a threat to the world and moved to eliminate him. some people here believe that they were wrong, or even lied about the reasons for this war to further their lust for power/money/whatever.

I think there was a hell of a reasonable doubt about Saddam and the use of force to remove him was justified morally and logicaly (- I see that no one here is asking to release Saddam from captivity and put him back in charge).


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