Response to Massacre at Fallujah

I think the original post on this thread should be acted upon.I seem to recall the Irish government declaring a "day of national mourning" on other occaisions when innocent people have been deliberately slaughtered...


"When you see a child five years old with no head what can you say?" asks one doctor in Fallujah, whose name is being with-held for his own safety. "When you see a child with no brain just an open cavity what can you say? When you see a mother just hold her infant with no head and the shells are all over her body."

So many Fallujahans have been killed by the US Marines that residents have resorted to digging mass graves. The City's foot-ball stadium now holds more than 200 dead bodies:

"We buried many in the stadium for football until it became full. When you are burying you cannot stay long because they (US Marines) will just shoot you. So we use the shovel. Just dig a big hole and put a whole family in the hole and leave as soon as possible so we are not shot."

  Or are some deaths more worth mourning than others?




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