Response to Please respect this website

Moderation Note:

For anyone who is wondering Declan used to moderate on the site but was away fro a while and now that he is back I asked him to re-join the moderation team (he was still registered as a moderator so there was no problem technically with this).

Last night I e-mailed the webmaster asking him to block Riain so when he is back in the office this will be done.

He is being removed primarily for constant messages on the site where he made ridiculous and personally insulting comments about people. He kept reposting a message after I had removed it, and posted one message along with my note about removed (I had removed it because it was just a personal attack). He also sent me a few 'lovely' messages off-list, one of which is too bad to repost. He is also encourging his friends to ring some of the people involved in organising the IAWM (including one person who I am not sure if they are actively involved or not anymore) probably to make more wonderful and lovely comments to them.

I will remove any of his posts until then, as the only reason for the delay in removal is the practical issue of the webmaster being in the office.

I had already asked for Riain to be removed before Declan re-joined the team, so sorry if this seems a bit over your head Declan.  

Created By: Orla Ni Chomhrai