Response to American feelings towards the war

...Hello BZ...It IS interesting that you were able to respond to only one small item in a rather lengthy list of facts...and even that was misinterpreted!...The "bankrolling" I was referring to occurred in the early 1920's and was produced by private citizens of the Irish-American kind...not by some modern "corporate" or governmental behometh...You see, you actually have to READ the message before you respond....As far as being "bought off"...and "your money"...It actually made me laugh!...I'm the daughter of a Factory worker/Barman who had to work two jobs most of his life to keep his family short...I - like most people in America - do not HAVE any money!...Get with the program, Dear!...your economy is doing better than ours!...Don't you know that in America, something like 40% of the wealth is in the hands of about 1% of the people?!!...You really must catch up!

Created By: Arlene Marie Kelly