Response to History Lesson for Bush/Blair ?

You were there when the Nazi Catholic church did all this Patrick? Or like myself who wasn't, i can only go by what i hear from people who were,like my parents who have only happy memories of the 50's,the dark days when rape gangs of priests were roaming the streets looking for victims?? while the rest of the population were in labour camps working to make the pope new gifts. I know absolutely no uncle,parent,relation,friends who has anything but good memories of those times,maybe i'm just lucky or maybe as all ways happens people have a way of concentrating on the bad side of things.I am in no doubt that the vast majority of people who grew up in that era have nothing but good to say about it.Of course it suits the modern morals guardians of our conscience the libero-left to potray the Catholic Church in this light as they can fill the vacuum with their equally unrepresentative and noxious brand of hypocrisy.

Created By: John Delaney