RTE pulls screening of anti-war film

There is a front page report on this weeks Foinse about how RTE stopped the screening of 'Three Kings' a film which takes a very critical look at the last Gulf War. This film was supposed to be screened at the Easter Weekend. RTE pulled this film on the grounds that it was not suitable viewing for this audience at this time because of the increased violence in Iraq.

This film takes a very critical view of the US role in the last Iraq war. It is based on a fictional story of 4 soldiers. It is also very pro-refugee. One commentator said:

"Russell [the director] effectively criticizes America's callous, overly pragmatic aims in the war. The White House comes across as a force interested only in an economic success - keeping black gold gushing and flowing into Western gas tanks and factories - while turning its back on the downtrodden people of that hapless Middle Eastern nation." ( http://www.all-reviews.com/videos/threekings-2.htm )

It is worth noting as well that RTE showed the film Top Gun during this same week.

Created By: Orla Ni Chomhrai