Response to American feelings towards the war

I actually think Americans get off lightly!

The basics facts are because of American ignorance-people in less developed countries "over there" suffer either directly (Fallujah for example) or indirectly (the countless dictators supported either by weapons or by finances) at the hands of  the US.

Living in the US you would have no idea really that the US is at war on a everyday basis.Little talk in work, no real flags or grafitti.The army though is still the favourite child of Americans-they can see no wrong with them and those who do -feel the army have been put into a terrible position by Bush & co.

 This invasion of Iraq is like any other invasion in the history of mankind-it is done for power, control, greed and to rape a country of its natural resources.The 'liberation' slant is the oldest excuse in the book and despite this going terribly wrong -still most Americans think its country is doing the right thing.I sat there watching the coverage of the invasion last year and I thought "surely people don't fall for this" but over here they do.The US has sold a war brilliantly to its people which is an amazing feat in this communication age.

Those that are against the Iraq war think it is a typical Republican cock-up and when the Dems get back in -everything will be rosey in the garden.Still Bush is leading some polls even though he is a man responsible for thousands of deaths and is a war criminal!! Still 46% agree with his handling of the war even after all this time!!

Americans only have one set way of life-because the country is so big and the media is 'Americanised' at every opportunity-the people know no different and get no outside influences and as a result know 'jack shit' about anything going on outside the US.Ask any Irish-American,  is Dublin still controlled by the UK and you will be surprised at the response.

Nothing will change with the US and we will be here again for an eternity.The US will never become anti-war until it is totally bombed like Germany was and of course this will never happen.

A majority of 280 million people live in an 'ivory tower' and this will never change.I have been disappointed by anti-war protests over here.No one cares.

Strong worldwide protests are all very well but we need more influence at 'the source'.



Created By: David Brennan