Response to American feelings towards the war

..Wow've really got "the goods" on America, don't you?...HOW long have you been there?...I've been here my entire life...and yes, I am one of the 10% of Americans (28 million) who hold passports. ...As to the "ignorance" of Americans...I don't know who you are hanging with, but I know of NO Americans, Irish or otherwise, who think "Dublin is still ruled by the U.K." On the other hand I have met Dubliners who believe that: California is "close" to Pennsylvania "..All Americans get married four and five times" "..All Americans are rich enough to have Health insurance" ...Get the picture?... An American named Will Rogers once said "We are all ignorant..just about different things". To the extent that Americans have a different take than on foreign affairs than Euopeans, there are reasons for that. One reason Europeans may be more aware of political affairs is that, traditionally they have HAD to be...being constantly at war with each other, it behooved them to know what was going on "next door", so to speak. With the exception of the Civil War,and a couple of early, minor skirmishes, America has never had this problem...Rhode Island doesn't invade Maine...Michigan doesn't invade Minnesota. And we ARE "insulated" - but this could have more to do with geography and the oceans than anything else.

Created By: Arlene Marie Kelly