Response to American feelings towards the war

.....Mr. Brenner, do you listen as much as you rant?...It certainly doesn't seem so...You cite (again) the poll taken last Fall which showed 70% of Americans believed Sadaam was involved with 9/11"...and you say, that just confirms your conclusions regarding American lack of awareness. First of all, the poll WAS taken last Fall..If you check you will find that the numbers have changed significantly. At that time,however, what would have been so incredulous about a possible Saadam - bin Laden link?...For one thing, their President kept assuring them there was, and for another there were obvious similarities, and no, not just because he was "evil" and "over there" .....He shared geography, ethnicity, religion and yes, an evil, power-hungry nature. As to more of your misconceptions...Just because programs like "Cracker" and "Queer as Folk" use American actors and settings, does NOT mean they are "dumbed-down" that your auto-american prejudice again?. What it might mean is something more like "culturally adapted". Many Americans have a hard time understanding British and Irish speech patterns. We speak differently. We hear differently. Complicating that is the fact of different "slang" terms. My point is, these shows may very well have been changed so that Americans could understand the language in terms of both sound and content. Having said that, you should know that we do show programs produced in Britain and Ireland. We have BBC America, Masterpiece Theatre, Ballykissangel and many British, Irish, and European films playing in our theatres and on our cable television networks.

Created By: Arlene Marie Kelly