Response to Allegation that Australian gov. helped send refugees to death at sea

Let me get this clear Orla,because the Indonesians apparently killed there own people the Australian government is somehow responsible because they in some way cooperated with the Indonesian police.Maybe you are exposing the arrogant and pathetically ideological bankruptcy of your postion.Rather than writing a piece condemning the Indonesians (who being a third world country and non white are obviously only victims of white Australian manipulation in your inverted leftie logic),you write a piece condemning the Australians because they have had the temerity to attempt the maintain their immigration policy in the hands of the elected parliament of the people of Australia rather than turning it over to unelected and unrepresentative and pressure groups like your own who have set themselves up as the guardians of our nations morals and who attempt to stifle and poison democracy and debate by bullyboy tactics of dismissing everyone who disagrees with them as ignorant racists.

Created By: John Delaney