Response to American feelings towards the war

Dear Brit Cat,

My heart goes out to you and your husband for what you went through with the phone and work harrassment. I did not have the phone harrassment, but early on neighbors of 20+ years suddenly quit talking to me. Ironically some of them are in denial about thier behavior at the time. They are 'back to normal' behavior. Worse, if you and I were treated badly because of pro peace sentiment, then anyone of ME heritage most have went through living hell. It is amazing how 'whipped up' the average citizen in the US got with the propoganda blitz before the invasion.

There was a ME store owner in my area whose business was destroyed as a result of the FBI investigating him and taking away his equipment. All because a citizen wrongly accused him of being a 'terrorist'.  I cannot say I yet understand the thinking that falls to mob rule, but it seems an appropriate way to describe the US behavior. My fear is that as the election draws near, the devisiveness will be encouraged again. The other side has the money, media and know how to use slogans and fear to get people to do thier bidding. Chilling for a country whose general population really believes it stands for freedom.


Created By: Sharon White