Response to Allegation that Australian gov. helped send refugees to death at sea

I see, it is to be expected that Indonesians would do this to the own people after all that is what we expect from them??.That a different standards of behaviour are expected from Australians than Indonesians (My point about your loony inverted leftie logic has been proved!) That seems to be the biggest racist comment made by anyone on this site that i have read.Seems to me that your understanding of racism is so limited that you are not even aware of when you are being racist yourself.As for your idea that leafletting and organising meetings is not bullyboy tactics,you are right they are not but its the manipulation by you and your fellow unrepresentative pressure groups of the debate,the silencing of opponents by the catcalls of racism and bigotry and other highly loaded emotive terms.For example i believe it was Joe Higgins who compared the recent laws which empower the government to stop obviously deranged and mentally ill people from entering our country,there was Joe Higgins,with a straight face comparing those rules to Adolf Hitlers race laws.Now either Joe Higgins doesn't mind denigerating the millions who were butchered by AH( Stuffed in ovens and experimented on)by comparing their suffering to those in this day and age who are refused entry (with all the legal and political backup) from this country.That is the nature of trying to debate with people of your ilk Orla,you deliberately use and manipulate language to distort the debate.

Created By: John Delaney