Response to zionism

I am sorry Padrig but you are very wrong ni so many respects. first of all, I am a jew and a zionists who lived in Israel for 23 years. you can not sit here and tell me I have a wrong concept of what zionism is, for god's sake, I AM zionism.

Again, Zionism is a believe that the STATE of Israel is home for the jews. not ONLY the jews by the way( I refer you to our declaration of independence - "equal no matter what religion or sex@ is the loose quote).   

but I understand the problem of giving jews rights because they are jews. well, all over the world and throughout times the jews have been apart. we are a different race, the way Asians are different (but  equal). the state of the jews was founded to be a safe heaven to all the jews because of thousands of years of presecution. we take care of each othe because no one else ever did. this has nothing to do with the palestinians rights and wrongs. This has nothing to do with their right for self declaration and a state.

of course there are jews who are not zionists (like orthodox jews). however most israelis aew.there are many left wingers in israel but they are zionists too. what I am trying to tell you is that you attached a really wrong message to a great movement and by doing so you are distancing all israelis from  you but the most extreme of suicide left wingers jews/israelis. now if you want to continue talking to only the extremmists go right a head.

the debacle that was caused here by a visitor is a proof. the guy read the comments here  and assumed the worst. and why should n't he? you all might not sound anti semitic to yourselves but you absolutely lack any vision of how the other side (us) see you. In many ways that is why I am here.

so stop trying to convince me to apologise for existing.


I am simply

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