Response to Resistors?

Subject: Response to Resistors?

Just to clear this up for good here. Apparently, some people got the idea from this thread that I think Muslims in general are "animals" - even though I made it abundantly clear (and always have regarding my respect of Islam) - who I was referring to specifically? Seriously, poster(s)? I'm not surprised at the inciteful reaction from some (well, I am a bit by you Eyal, if you were - even generally - referring to me when you  made your own argument). However, that assertion could not be further from the truth. I labeled the individuals who mutilated dead bodies (and got satisfaction from their acts), and just them, "animals" - and I have to tell you, I do not recant that statement. Big difference though, from referring to all Muslims that way. I have the utmost respect for the Muslim faith. There's really nothing else for me to say on that particular subject.

And Guy, I did not mean necessarily to not respond to you (although it has been very easy for me to ignore you in the past). I think that you will find that many posters would agree that I try to answer most questions. The fact is that I don't have time to answer all questions; and yes, I ignore some of those that I feel are not worth it. That being said:

The US army desecrated two iraqi muslims by not handing over their bodies for immediate burial, it doesn't matter if it was not desecration in your eyes - what matters is that it was desecration in the eyes of Iraqi muslims. Do you excuse and condone that action by the U.S army? do you think those who were responsible for the desecration should be held responsible for their actions ? or do you just think desecration is an outrage when it happens to the bodies of U.S citizens.

I am not an expert on the Muslim religion, by any stretch. However, I would say - utilizing common sense - that what occurred to the the dead bodies of the murderous Hussein boys, and what happened to the 4 Americans in Fallujua were very clearly two different types of 'indiscretions.' I mean -  we're talking about one side of the spectrum against the other. In that regard, I believe that there is rightly a common sense approach in place here regarding the applicability of a comparision between the two "incidents."

Maybe I am going out on a limb - and being way too secular for the IAWM's taste (!), but displaying the corpses of two murderous thugs on international TV to prove that they have indeed been killed (many Iraqis would not have believed it otherwise), does not quite compare to burning, hanging and dragging 4 dead corpses - purely for pleasure and in celebration. The Americans clearly meant no disgrace to the Muslim faith, even if many people perceived it as such. They essentially wished to reassure many Iraqis that these thugs - who terrorized many of their lives - were now done doing so.

The "people" who desecrated the bodies of Americans wanted (I can only imagine from the footage) nothing more than the families of the victims to see their bodies mutiliated the way they were.

Sorry. What happened to their bodies and what happened to Uday and Qusay is not even comparable, regardless of the perception or the religious interpretation. For you to compare the two incidents just dictates for me the bias you possess.

I am not some anti-Arab ignoramus; I also exercise common sense. Your question, Guy, was completely out of this world. I could talk to any one of the Muslims I know (and I know many in NY) and they would absolutely tell me the same thing. There is no comparision whatsoever. In one hand you have 2 notorious killers of Muslims being shown on TV to prove they are dead; in the other hand you have Americans who have (I would assume, I've not looked into their military records) never killed anyone, who are humiliated beyond comprehension. I'd be surprised to see a righteous sheikh make that comparison, yet you make it.

And BTW, the reason why I've ignored you until now are your disgusting comments regarding Jessica Lynch. Totally uncalled for, regardless of what you were trying to say. You attacked her integrity (among other things) and you don't even know her. You then attacked me and my approach to that discussion, even when I was being non-combative. You understand why other people's questions get answered (even though they never like the answers) by me and yours don't? Well, I figured that was hopefully ancient history, so we'll leave it at that. In reality, I hope you weren't being as vindictive as you appeared to be.

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