Response to Resistors?

Dear John,

You charge that many anti-war members are "biased" in favor of the "resistors", that we do not condem atrocities except when they are allegedly committed by US/Uk forces.

From my own perspective and experience it has been a pro-war/Bush supporting tactic to charge anti-war protesters with: loving Saddam, committing treason, giving comfort and aid to the "enemy", hating America, having a socalist agenda, being naive, being idealistic, being communist, being anti-semitic, being facist, loving palestinians, hating zionism, hating Bush, hating Blair, hating Bertie, hating capitalism, not understanding "Real Politik", being soft, loving to hate, spending too much time in pubs, being corrupt, etc., etc.

What you seem to miss is that we are "ANTI-WAR". All of the above may or may not inform, motivate, detract or influence our stance and position. We are human-beings with all the foibles that average human-beings have. None of us are pure enlightened beings with pure intentions.  But we agree on this one thing, for which this web-site exists: War is wrong.

If we seem to concentrate on the Iraq war it is not that we find other wars more acceptable, but rather because we, living in representational democracies, feel that our own governments are waging this war "in our name"; we therefore bear responsibility for the deaths our governments are causing because of their actions.  Most of us feel more strongly compelled to act in some way as a result.

What I have witnessed over the last year is that as the "merits" of this Iraq invasion have been disappeared, pro-war/Bush supporters cannot really argue the war and seek to question the motives and attack the personalities of the anti-war movement.

In terms of giving equal time to coalition deaths, condeming the Iraqi or other perpetrators for those actions; I think there is some validity in your position (except you constantly try to use such attacks as justificaiton for US actions).  It is actually a very stark juxtapostion to have the photos of the dead and maimed Americans and the dead and maimed Iraqis together.  This then is your "justified" war.  These are its fruits.  Death.  Barbarism. Atrocities. Hate and Fear.

We can agree that it is terrible.  So why not agree to end it?

Created By: Gary Nihsen