Response to al jaz.

Unfortuneately the Guardian article (a newspaper that ultimeately is a Blairite mouthpiece and so suppports the occupation as it has the other Blair Wars) does not tell the whole story -

Al-Jazeera tells staff to censor 'violence' reports from Iraq   
KUWAIT By A Staff Reporter: Al-Jazeera journalists are being told by their own editor to censor reports filed from Iraq, the Kuwait Times can reveal. An internal memo sent to staff at the Arabic television network says that "shots containing excessive violence should be avoided altogether". This call for censorship must come as a huge blow to Al-Jazeera's reputation as the world's most honest and fearless news organisation

One reporter who has friends working for Al-Jazeera told the Kuwait Times, "I feel they are being horribly betrayed by elements within the TV company who are more interested in cosying-up to the Bush administration than maintaining the high journalistic standards that we hold so dear."

  All newspapers will give in to Blair/Bush bullying to hide their warcrimes from the people.

  The war criminal Blair has appeared on Aljazeera with his "message to the Arab" people.Sickening.

   Why sites like this should alert people to the Bush/Blair atrocities and not allow Bush/Blair supporters to clog it up with pseudo-academic justiifications of infantacide.After all it claims to be the site of the Irish  ANTI - war movement - we can read much of the rehashed pro-war lies posted here elsewhere.

   And given the bombing of Aljazeera offices in Kabul and Baghdad after even the mildest criticism of the Bush/Blair wars it would be obscene for any supporters of the war on the Iraqi peoples to come on here and start banging on about "censorship". As usual with them,like their heroes in the Bush/Blair regime,the attitude is - agree with us or get bombed.   


Created By: Zeb Rahaman