I discovered this morning that, last night  the American armed forces, dropped 500 pound bombs on a civillian area, namelly Falluja. I dont know how many people were killed, but the Euro news channel proppagandist, declared that the people who were killed last night by the 500 pound bombs were quote "insurgents".

Now i beg to ask the theoreticall question but, if last night 500 pound bombs were dropped on Washington D.C. would we be told that the people that were killed in their beds were "insurgents", I think not.

When i saw a picture of a 12 yrs old Iraqi child in her fathers arms, with her foot torn off and hanging by a piece of skin, presumable by a cluster bomb, i suppose she must be an "insurgent".

The end doesent justify the means, all wars are about nicking resources, unless they are wars of independance, and what we are seeing in Iraq, is a struggle for independance. The biggest casualty in war is the truth, and the propaganda matrix is getting more pervasive. If you think that a childs life has the same value, wherever they live, if you think that all life is valuable, then PROTEST don't be intimidated by lies, take to the streets and PROTEST, and if i meet you at a PROTEST, we will support all peoples right to life, liberty, freedom from oppresion, and we will not settle for anything less. Walk tall, regain self respect, not in my name, see you in Dublin on saturday.                           

Created By: stephen simpson