Response to American feelings towards the war

Sure,David - people will react most strongly to what affects them and their loved ones DIRECTLY most of the time.That's being human.

  But being human also extends to wishing to stop/prevent the suffering of others.Hence the "human shields",hence the "refuseniks" in Israel,hence the U.S. soldier who exposed the Nazi-type behaviour of the pychopaths in Abu Ghraib.

  If people really knew what was going on in Iraq or Afghanistan or Columbia or Ireland - the parts R.T.E. don't seem to reach - the Bush/Blair/Sharon/Ahern/Berlesconi/Putin/Shell/MacDonalds/Coca Koala/Benneton/let's all go go go for big big profits  Axis of Evil wouldn't last for five minutes.

  Don't despair - it's what they want.

    At least keep on trying to inform people.

Created By: Zeb Rahaman