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I won't waste time and energy dealing with the ramblings of 'Flogging Molly' (anonymous contributors don't deserve attention anyway) - these fatuities derive from the official compendia of lies, such as 'The Hasbara Handbook' - issued to propagandists by Zionist organisations, and have been comprehensively and repeatedly demolished by such Jewish anti-Zionist writers as Illan Pappe and Norman Finkelstein.

Suffice it to point out that (a) that if General Assembly resolutions are "non- binding", then 181(II), the Partition resolution which set up the State of Israel, is also "non-binding", and (b) 242 is recapitulated in 338 which is a Chapter VII resolution and hence - by even the most rigid Zionist criteria - fully binding. In other words:


Raymond Deane

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