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The Iraqi quagmire

Monday May 3, 2004
The Guardian

Thanks for your analysis of the "special" relationship (Comment, April 28). Many of us patriotic Americans who feel we should not be in Iraq, believe Tony Blair is greatly responsible. If Britain had denied support for this aggression and had insisted on a common EU approach, George Bush and the neo-con chickenhawks around him would have had no choice but to let the UN continue to do the job of containing Saddam. Blair undermined the efforts of Colin Powell.

We now find ourselves in a quagmire, with many innocent lives lost. Polls showed that a majority in the US were against Bush's unilateral policies and wanted to give the UN time to do its job. The repeated trotting out of Blair on the White House lawn wore down the opposition and permitted this disaster to occur. Blair's legacy is the instigation of a new state terrorism on the people of Iraq.
Frank Gleeson

  So like Kevin says in the original post - don't blame a whole people - blame who's to blame - wherever they're from - Blair is British and a war criminal,Bush is not British.

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