Response to zionism

between saying that Anti semitism will make us, jews, more strong and unite and collacorating with the Nazies there is a great deal of distance and YOU SHOULD THINK A FEW TIMES BEFORE YOU POST SOMETHING LIKE THAT - considering the great valor that Ireland have shown in the second world war. on a personal note, which try not to do often - you are an idiot.

I'm sorry to disagree with you, Eyal, but your mis-attributions here constitute further evidence of your modus operendi - emotively manipulative propaganda: you seek to attribute to critics of Zionism the very sentiments upon which Zionism is founded, constructing yet more strawmen to verbally abuse. You arrogantly announce yourself here as "I Am Zionism!" yet cynically distance yourself from the idiology of its founders, as quoted above, transferring on to your critics ("You're an idiot") the very personal abuse more appropriate to your very own personal Shadow.

A year ago I called you a troll, and nothing in your posts since then suggests otherwise; you continue to systamatically invade this forum with half-truths and malicious propaganda in furtherance of your odious Zionist agenda ... You have blood on your hands --- And You Like It ...


Created By: Padraig L Henry