Response to Apparently, the Irish media caused 9/11

Dear Rolf,

It is good to see you back.  Yet you have been strangely silent about the big issues that have recently come to light.  Why are you taking these little pot shots at factual exagerrations.

I really am curious how someone who has supported the war, supported Bush, can continue in that vein.  I do understand when some citizens claim they will vote for Bush because he is "christian".  I think it is crazy, but I understand the rationale (albeit a very flawed one) for that line of thought.  What I don't understand is how rational, thinking Republicans can continue to fall in line with this president.  Is it just the get-behind-the-president-during-wartime reaction? Even if you thought that Saddam had to go, how can you have any illusions that this is really turning out well. Most experts are trotting out the V word at this point.  What do you think?

Created By: Gary Nihsen