Response to Apparently, the Irish media caused 9/11


i can assure you that i am fully aware to whom i was replying with my post although clearly i posted the incorrect name

except you have decided to stymie the possibility of a discussion by posting a strange version of a diatribe against me and what you believe i believe in

it is hardly surprising that you are disappointed with left leaning websites - presumably your own prediliction for a right wing slant on life would put you at odds with both the messengers and the message

as for posting in blue bold, it is a feature open to everyone on this site and is not on a par with posting in caps - i'm sorry that i cant post in 'bright dripping arab blood red' for you

if you are so disappointed with this site might i suggest you refrain from visiting it ?

other than considerably less than half truths, a strange spongelike absorbancy for bushist propaganda and an inability to either remember or face facts, you and your ilk dont really contribute an awful lot

but you do contribute an awful lot of that ....

yours in peace

Created By: Declan Finlay