Response to Apparently, the Irish media caused 9/11

Mollie, Declan-dont waste your time and energy.If people want to believe something they will.Let the Americans who support this war live in their ignorance.If they are so naive to fall for this war based on lies-what can you do ?

Let the US repeatedly shoot itself in the foot. The US Government treats its own people with contempt and always will.Another war Americans have been led into on lies. I make that at least four now.So far 797 US soldiers have been killed, and over 4,600 injured.The American is paying for this with his tax dollar.In the Bush regime over 4,500 Americans have been killed.

It is crazy (almost laughable really if lives were not at stake) -when you think about it-on why the US invaded Iraq.

I can imagine future children in history classes asking "well why did the US invade Iraq so soon after 911 –why then-why at all ?" .


I used to get angry when I hear Americans saying Iraq was behind 911-now I just smirk and think ":sucker".

The US has squandered a lot of post-911 sympathy the world has had for it.Imagine if 911 happened today-how much sympathy would the world have ?

The US has become a very isolated country. Isolated from the rest of the world who either hates it or laughs at it.

Let them be-let them think they are the ‘greatest’ as the gap between rich and poor increases all the time, as the middle class shrinks, as the country is run by greedy Corporations who are sending their jobs to India and China. As their literacy rates are lower than Cuba. As they kill their environment.As they know nothing about the six countries continually ranked higher in the UN Human Development rankings or the countless cities ranked higher.

As their young get killed in pointless wars.

Let them work 60-100 hours a week to pay off the 80,000 student loans (which forces many to join the army).

Let them live- without a cheap health service- with one of the lowest vacation time in the world. Let them live the neverending war on terror where they will live in a world of fear and a world where they are constantly looking over their shoulders.

Let them continue getting screwed. You can only do so much. Maybe one day they might realise. 

I’ve had enough of trying to inform.

Created By: David Brennan