"I think we're on the brink of success here." - General Myers


Yes, he really did say that. Just now, on CNN.

His analysis is slightly at odds with the view of most military analysts, who have concluded that the US has already lost the "war" in Iraq.

Let's recap briefly.

  • April was the worst month, in terms of the number of US soldiers killed (136 troops), since the occupation began.

  • US forces have lost control of key locations in Iraq, and cannot secure weapons arsenals. It has had to call on Saddam's former army to police areas that US forces cannot enter.

  • US forces have been unable to prevent Iraq's oil pipeline from being sabotaged.

  • Islamic militants now control many areas in Iraq, and anti-US Muslim leaders have grown in power and popularity.

  • A majority of Iraqis (according to the most recent poll) want US forces out of their country.

  • The publication of the prison torture photos has caused outrage in Iraq and neighbouring countries, and has resulted in thousands of new recruits for anti-American organisations.

  • A year after "reconstruction" began, Iraq's infrastructure is still in a shambles, with no reliable supply of water, electricity etc. in many areas.

  • Pro-US Iraqi politicians are being picked off by anti-US "insurgents". Last Monday the president of the Iraqi Governing Council was killed outside the headquarters of the US occupation authority.

    On the brink of success?
    Now who does that remind me of?
    Oh yes.....





    Created By: Zak Martin