Response to Apparently, the Irish media caused 9/11

Patrick-I AM in the US!Check my ISP if you can!

Just back from Super Size Me with a copy of Utne magazine in my hand!

Sharon White- re: an earlier thread about the US media. Well Utne is a good one. January/February issue is all about the growing trend of Americans who are sick of their homeland and are leaving for pastures new.Covers rare articles about how wonderful life is in Old Europe. Very rare for an American magazine. Even mentions the Vermont Independence movement.

You can also pick up valuable information on how the US supports a resolution for military action against the ICC should any American be tried in court for war crimes.What rogues they are.

Patrick-I volunteer for a human rights organisation here and I see at first hand how Americans suffer in the worlds wealthiest country.The lower and lower-middle classes are being hammered here. And most of them will still vote for Bush because they like his take no shit approach.Personality not polices get the votes.Bush has given them back their masculinity.

The tax cuts and the federal and county cutbacks are only the latest.Schools and hospitals are closing, libraries cutting back their hours and staff.Companies closing down.Patriot acts and free speech zones. A lot of people in fear here. Very few really speak out.A lot of Americans I know really well are depressed at what is going on.

I actually live quite close to Albany, NY where a father and son were arrested last year for wearing World Peace t-shirts in the local mall.

The mainstream media here does not reflect these peoples opinions nor did it reflect the anti-war stance many Americans had (59% according to Gallup in February 2003) -and still have.

The Republican party have hijacked the flag and the words Freedom and America and if you are not Republican you are anti-American while pure evil like Anne Coulter get away with their opinions.

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